Friday, February 10, 2012


I'm not Catholic... but I do fast for Lent. I love holidays- I love the decorations, traditions, festivities, and food that accompany them. For me, Jesus' sacrifice is the greatest gift in the world. It can be easy to lose sight of that during all of the excitement of Easter Sunday. Chocolate rabbits, colorful eggs, and pretty dresses are lovely, but His resurrection and assent in to Heaven is the true reason for celebration. I began fasting for Lent 10 years ago. It helps me to remember what Jesus did for me. He resisted temptation while on Earth so that He could die a perfect example of how to live- even fasting for 40 days in the desert after His baptism. When I'm struggling to hold to my fast I remind myself that Jesus did without food and water for 4o days... it makes it easier to not eat sweets or whatever item I've given up.
I pray before Lent for guidance on what I should refrain from. My answer this year is by far going to be the most challenging fast I've done so far. This year for Lent I am sticking to a vegan diet.
I have begun researching recipes and foods that are vegan. I know that educating myself on vegan-ism will be crucial to my success- I would be devastated if I accidentally slipped up.
I have also decided to blog my experiences to help hold me accountable.
This year Lent starts on February, 22nd. I have about a week and a half to fully prepare and stock up on the right kinds of foods. I am looking forward to this opportunity to be faithful and obedient to the Lord.
Check back for updates.

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